Why We Care

High in the Andes Mountains live the Indigenous people of Ecuador…

They live in poverty isolated from the outside world.

Malnutrition is pervasive. Families experience frequent health problems as a result of nutritional deficiencies.

For indigenous children, education in these remote mountainous areas education is a luxury. The government provides schooling for students through the 7th grade in the small villages. Children rarely continue beyond that because they have no way to get to a secondary school in the larger communities. So instead, they drop out of school to work on small family farms or they may go to the cities to take low paying jobs as domestics, factory workers or laborers.

The majority of parents lack education entirely and as a result the youth experience a broad level of social, economic and cultural deprivation.

A culture of machismo and excessive alcohol consumption occurs frequently in the small villages which puts children at risk for familial physical and psychological abuse that in turn causes major psychological disorders in young people.

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