Life in the Imbabura province of the Andes has never been easy…

In 2008 Mary Eckert, a former Mormon missionary to the province of Imbabura, Ecuador, with the support of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, established Children of the Andes Humanitarian (COTAH) and built a secondary school, Saminay El Legado, to provide education for students in this mountainous region where none existed before.

With her educational background and a desire to provide opportunity for these students, Mary learned that when young people from these mountainous communities were given the opportunity to continue their education, they would make great sacrifices to do so. These young people are discovering that the opportunity they are being given can change their lives. By reaching out to these students, COTAH provides these young people with the tools and skills to pursue goals they never dreamed of before.

Currently COTAH enrolls 86 indigenous children, transforming their lives though the power of education.